My name is Hans Hoek.  With more than 30 years international experience as an entrepreneur I am capable of judging financial service providers on their competences. In the final phase of my career, I am actively involved as a consultant with director/shareholder in various companies with different activities in the food, hotel and catering and ICT.

I value solid, reliable and dedicated service in the field of taxation and accountancy. No nonsense, correct (if not rigid), and not too informal and easy. On the other hand, I appreciate an accessible, contactual flexibility and customer friendly service. It is difficult to see these properties working together. Professionalism and (current) expertise are an obvious requirement.

My experience with financial service providers and consultants in general is that this profession is often unnecessarily bureaucratic, sometimes slow paced with for client overloading irrelevant excuses.

Despite the relatively recent relationship with accountancy aan de amstel, the personal experience in the past with Ilse van Dijke is in this case a guarantee for the future.

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Hans Hoek

T: +31(0) 6 221 96 788