My name is Michiel Brandt and I’m an independent entrepreneur. I am the owner of a company called ‘Amsterdam Merchandising’, which develops, produces and sells merchandising.

Regarding my accounting partners, I find trust the most important. Next to that, I seek a personal approach. I have to ‘click’ with someone. Financial service for me is something I don’t want to deal with too much. I want to be advised on affairs that might be important, but not necessarily are. From my advisor I expect more then the ‘daily business’ and more then just what I asked. I expect a pro-active, involved person. Next to keeping things confidential, an accountant handles the financial processes of a company and is therefore a part of it.

This is want I found in accountancy aan de amstel. I can discuss trust issues like a new direction or internal changes of the company.
Amsterdam Merchandising is a small company. It hosts 4 employees. Amsterdam Merchandising has a high matter of handing core activities. Amsterdam Merchandising therefore approaches partners who deliver more than the standard services.

For me accountancy aan de amstel fits my requirements because of the approachable and informal vibe. accountancy aan de amstel is a flexible company always willing to think with and advice us. For me it is important that you don’t get a different voice on the phone each time you call. accountancy aan de amstel is a transparent, straightforward, short-lined company. A young and energetic team!

Need a reference? Contact me:

Michiel Brandt
Amsterdam Merchandising
T +31(0)20 672 20 33